The Mushrooms Of East London

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 97 months ago
The Mushrooms Of East London
Brick Lane
Brick Lane
Old Street roundabout
Old Street roundabout
Shoreditch High Street
Shoreditch High Street

A number of apocalyptically-inspired bits of public art, in the form of miniature mushroom clouds, have sprouted up around Shoreditch and Spitalfields in recent weeks. As the pics above show, we've spotted them on Shoreditch High Street, at Old Street roundabout, and on Brick Lane.

Are they part of a new street art project? A marketing scheme by some cynical brand management company? Or harbingers of the impending atomic apocalypse?

We don't know. But someone out there probably does. Any suggestions, ideas, wild guesses, or outlandish theories — drop us a note in the comments.

Edit: As several have pointed out on Twitter, they're probably just regular mushrooms, not mushroom clouds. Put it down to Londonist's ongoing obsession with Dr. Strangelove.

Last Updated 09 April 2010


I've seen one on or near Borough High Street too, near where Crossrail is due to go. Could be springing up on sites of new transport development?

Shilpa Bhatnagar

How intriguing! Really curious to know what these are about..


Why do they need a reason for being?


Maybe east London has just got a bit mouldy.


Looks like they were made using Anish Kapoor's turd machine

Peter @AAI Ambulance Service

The structures are ugly. They destroy the beauty of Old London.


i think there is much room for more mushrooms!

Mr Min

Truly artistic. It funny how skeptical people are about the intentions of said mushrooms. Where have all the philanthropists gone?


I have a site where it would be ideal to put a mushroom - or even a little grove of mushrooms. I wish I could contact the artist, or the artist could contact me.


Not that I'm putting here!

Thanks for the note Mr Nail. Drop me a line at warrambungle at


I have spotted two more, one near Suicide Bridge...the other near the Spaniards in Hampstead...What is going on?


there's also one above the florists in muswell hill and one opposite dean and hudsons (above i think what is an antique shop) what are they about?


I have been following the random mushroom bandit for some time now and have watched mushrooms go up in North London and in some cases taken down then up again. There is a lovely red one on top of Bugaloo pub Archway and one was near the Spaniards Pub Hampstead then taken down. Three have  landed on top of a petrol station in Highgate. Who is that allusive, crafty funghi-list and what is it all about??


what a shame the one under suicide bridge has been taken down some time ago (possibly 2/3 months ago), have seen a gold one pop up on hoxton street (old st end) in recent weeks

mully in the bank

there are three at the bottom of the a1 by archway roundabout. I work for a company on London underground and i received a fault to remove one off the bridge end at East Finchley. Its made up of expanding foam and coloured in various!


Surely a case of public vandalism, not public art. They are hideous and unsightly. He and the seemingly willing building owners have planning permission for none of them.