Review: Prohibition @ Bloomsbury Ballroom

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Review: Prohibition @ Bloomsbury Ballroom

combined copy.jpg If your Saturday nights are feeling a little quiet, try stepping back to the 1920s - the only era to have a synonymous sound effect - and act like a total Flapper for the evening.

An air of glamour and sophistication (at least until the gin got the better of us) swept over the Art Deco Bloomsbury Ballroom, with a surprisingly high turnout taking this opportunity to dress fancy in fancy dress - pinstripe-sporting guys compared sizes of their tommy guns, as the ladies displayed their finest plumage and pearl necklaces. Cocktails in teacups from the tonsil-tantalising boys at Bourne and Hollingsworth were ironically harder to come by than in the era we set out to emulate, thanks to a frustratingly sparse bar staff, but this proved only a minor set back as revelers gambled and gamboled around the ballroom to the ukulele strains of acts like Tricity Vogue, who made sure the night went in full swing (much like her dress, as you can see above) as her milkshake brought all the boys to the yard.

Hardcore vintage fashionistas (if you'll forgive the use of such a phrase) might take offence at the vast range of styles which resulted from the suggestively specific 1920s theme, and given the cost of hiring and accessorising the right outfit, this could prove quite galling. Unlike that for the rather more literally regimented, 'tasche-tastic Chap Olympiad (to be revived this year on 17th July - huzzah!), the crowd seemed to have frocked up to get f*cked up, and were quite a bit younger on average. What they lacked in beer-holding liver capacity though they certainly made up for in wanton enthusiasm, as over the course of the evening pearls and cigarette holders were abandoned as quickly and carelessly as our inhibitions, reenacting the spirit of the age in every sense.

The next event is being held on 22nd May at a secret location, whilst tomorrow night (29th April) switches eras for the second installment of the British Music Hall Experience at The Old Queens Head. If the 1940s is more suitable for your demeanour (and your figure - straight cut flapper dresses be damned!) then head to Village Underground on 8th May for The Blitz Party (with a D-Day Special on 5th June), or don your finest can-can skirts on 15th May for La Belle Epoque where they promise you can "dance like it's 1899"

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