Wild Food And Spring Bulbs This Weekend

By Hazel Last edited 108 months ago
Wild Food And Spring Bulbs This Weekend
TowerHamletsCemWillCam1.jpg Photo by W P Wiles

There's a touch of Spring in the air and even in London, it's hard to ignore the longer days and touches of green emerging around the place. So embrace it and get across to east London to engage the green goddess within at two events this weekend in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park one of the Magnificent Seven that we've explored previously in our Cem-text series.

The first event on Saturday afternoon is the Wild Food Walk, which we've done ourselves in autumn and can recommend very highly. We nibbled on wild rocket, admired huge bushes of fresh mint, learned about tansy and lemon balm, picked marjoram, blackcurrants, sloe berries, cherry plums and basically revelled in Nature's bounty in Bow. The guided walk is gentle and suitable for all; bring a bag as you're welcome to help yourself to what you find (no sacks though, it's not a 'pick your own' farm).

The second event is the Guided Walk - Spring Bulbs on Sunday which is a guided walk around the park, spotting the many different types of daffodils to be found there and you will learn about the other wild flowers emerging for the warmer part of the year. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is 33 acres of woods and meadow so there's plenty to see and for the brief time you're there, among the trees, the butterflies and tweeting birds you can forget you're in Zone 2 and believe you're in the wild, for a little while.

Wild Food Walk and Guided Walk - Spring Bulbs at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, this Saturday and Sunday. Events are free, donations are welcome, just turn up at the main entrance in time for the start of the walk. More information at the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park website.

Last Updated 18 March 2010