Music Review: Errors And Race Horses @ Scala

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Last Updated 05 March 2010

Music Review: Errors And Race Horses @ Scala

RaceHorses-Richard_Kelly2.jpg Race Horses could just be the most refreshing band to arrive on the music scene since Super Furry Animals. Really. Aurally they resemble the swoon and psychedelic pop of SFA along with the avant garde bits of Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and the furious paced pop of Futureheads, punctuated by moments of loud guitar thrall and Welsh male voice choir. Visually they're a mix between the Monkeys (lead singer - bowl cut and swirly shirt straight out of your dad's wardrobe circa '68) and Slade (drummer - backcombed hair and furry cardigan and 10 points for non-removal, even during sweaty moments). And physically they make even hipsters smile, spend the duration of the set grinning at the crowd and each other and demonstrate a brave and ambitious performance far, far beyond than that which their age and experience would suggest.

The tremendous Errors headline, a Scottish band who have ploughed a perfect furrow between dance and guitar music. Doing what no other band in our knowledge does - bringing fans of both genres into one room for a shared experience of their electro-fused, dance beat-driven post rock - they only use their microphones for talking in between songs, breaking down traditional hierarchies of frontmen/women by having lots of band members contributing with their words. Playing five or six tracks from the new album as well as debut record favourites 'Dance Music' and 'Salut! France', the troupe of friends who descend on the stage at the end only add to the family feel of the night.

When you've fast-forwarded through bland new band offerings and stood through nights of the same old rehashed scuzzy garage or la-la pop, you're due for a welcome slap in the face of innovation and greatness. Which is where bands like this come in.

Race Horses' debut album 'Goodbye Falkenburg' and Errors' second album 'Come Down With Me' are out now.