Met In Hot Water Over Recruitment Freeze

By Lindsey Last edited 165 months ago
Met In Hot Water Over Recruitment Freeze

constable.jpg Thinking of a career change? Considering the Metropolitan Police? But of course, their persistent advertising around town in the past year's been working on your subconscious, convincing you it's the right step. Hold up, however, as unless you're going for the Special and voluntary route, don't expect swift passage through HR processes. The Met's sitting on nearly 2000 newbies who are now unable to start due to a recruitment freeze. Or "success pause", as the careers website puts it.

2000 new bobbies off an advertising investment of around £170,000 sounds like it should be a success story. But the recruitment freeze was applied almost exactly a year after the recruitment drive started, hobbling the Met's ability to bring them in. So they're being condemned for wasting taxpayer's money on a pointless recruitment drive, whilst under different economic circumstances they'd probably be being praised for effective targeting and trawling.

The Met are now "developing options to manage the remaining candidates in the system".

Last Updated 30 March 2010