Live Music Preview: Brendan Benson @ Koko

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Live Music Preview: Brendan Benson @ Koko


Brendan Benson. Ring any bells? If you don't know of this singer-songwriter in his own right, you might be familiar with one of his other projects. He's a key member of The Raconteurs, providing proper poppy guitar melodies and memorable lyrics to balance Jack White's heavier, bluesy, distorted sound.

While he might play second fiddle to White's effortlessly cool personality during The Raconteurs live shows, Benson is a highly accomplished musician in his own right. Don't take our word for it though - get down to Koko on Friday night and see for yourself.With four quality albums under his belt, Benson has heaps of material to draw on. We're expecting plenty from his latest release, My Old, Familiar Friend as well as some from 2002's critically acclaimed Lapalco. Whatever the exact make-up of the set, it'll go down just fine if you're a fan of The Raconteurs, as his solo stuff has plenty in common with the supergroup's material.Brendan Benson plays Koko in Camden this Friday. Tickets are available now for £14. (Image / * Janice under a Creative Commons Attribution licence.)

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