Event Preview: DigiFest @ Dana Centre

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Event Preview: DigiFest @ Dana Centre

This_Is_Your_Brain_On_Technology.jpg DigiFest is a series of interactive events taking place at the Dana Centre next week exploring the biggest issues facing our techno-enhanced society. If you haven't visited the centre before we highly recommend it; you can participate in some experiments and listen to some of the worlds most learned discuss their subjects whilst enjoying the bar. This festival's line up is highly relevant and will provide something of interest for everyone from neuroscientists to web surfers.

First up on Monday, 'This Is Your Brain On Technology' will be using three hands-on experiments to discover what happens to our brains when we surf the web and how our surfing habits restructure how we think. Finally, in perhaps the debate to end all debates; whether you can actually be friends with all 700 people on your facebook account (we have 967 in fact and will vouch for you all).

The popular Guardian Tech Weekly podcast is recorded live on Tuesday evening and will include a Q&A session with the hosts and their special guests. Following that on Wednesday, the topic that has plagued the internet since mass adoption; is the web the ultimate propaganda machine or has it never been wrestled from the hands of libertarians as the home of free speech?

Thursday's event asks 'What Are Games Really Teaching Us?', exploring how playing them as an element of formal education is teaching children more than just the three R's. Plus you get to play them. Brilliant. The festival concludes on Friday what we can almost guarantee will be a pant-wettingly exciting look at the technology which will shape our lives in the next five years. Or maybe we just need to get out more!

DigiFest at the Dana Centre takes place from Mon 22nd - Fri 26th March. All events are free but tickets must be reserved. For more information and tickets visit the Dana Centre website.

Last Updated 18 March 2010