Vertical Rush Training Update #2: Thigh High

By Lindsey Last edited 114 months ago
Vertical Rush Training Update #2: Thigh High

You can expect us to be horizontal at the top of the vertical too. Photo from last year by Mike King.
Vertical Rush is three and half weeks away and plucky Team Londonist's training has reached another level entirely. Here's a sneaky peak inside two of our training diaries:

Monday - Carb loading (cake)

Tuesday - Carb loading (pralines and cream)

Wednesday - Rest Day

Thursday - Carb loading (Kinder Surprise)

Friday - Ate cornetto, ran, felt sick, had to sit down for a while...

Today - It's raining.

Monday: looked at step machine - went swimming instead

Tuesday: looked at treadmill - then spotted there was a yoga class just starting...

Wednesday: walked round step machine - noticed it was out of order

Thursday: hopped on treadmill - fell off the back - went to the spa to sulk

Friday: discovered the rowing machine - bliss. At least we're good at something. Will row up tower instead.

One of us was so keen they flew to Dubai to visit the tallest tower in the world and what an opportunity to flex those quadriceps! Unfortunately, they got distracted drinking coffee and shopping. Another is convinced that classes in streetdance, NYC hiphop and classical ballet will mean they can do the running man up a third, crunk the middle and jeté the last leg.

One of our number hasn't checked in this weekend but we assume that's because they're doing a few turns up the Monument. They were definitely spotted sprinting up the escalator at Warren Street the other evening, playing fast and loose with their personal hygiene before an important meeting. Now that's dedication.

We're doing it for Shelter (um as well as the privileged view of the fast rising Heron Tower next door) so please support us and this important charity by making a donation on our JustGiving page. The money goes direct to Shelter so no fear of it diverting into our carb loading (beer drinking) pre-race strategy session.

You can enter Vertical Rush yourself, as an individual or a team. Details all here. You nutters.

And good luck to anyone taking the stairs up the Gherkin tomorrow in aid of the NSPCC. We salute you - although we'd like to point out that you only have to do 38 floors compared to our 42 (OK, OK, you suffer 117 more actual steps than us BUT.....)

Last Updated 06 February 2010