Reviews Revisited: Pizza East

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Reviews Revisited: Pizza East

Photography by Chris Osburn

It's only been a matter of weeks since we first reviewed Pizza East. But in that time, we've returned and have had such an unpleasant experience we would be remiss in our duty to our readers not to reconsider our original take on this trendy Shoreditch restaurant.

Our second visit was on a terribly cold and rainy Saturday night. Before we could even step inside, the maitre d’ raised his hand in our faces (in exaggerated "talk to the hand" fashion) as we opened the door and made us wait in the damp and frigid night air while he dealt with apparently more important customers.  While out in the cold, we could see plenty of room for us to stand inside. When he finally granted us entry, we informed him of our friend's reservation to which he shrugged us off to a colleague who had been sitting idly while he sorted out his VIPs' evening plans.

There to attend a friend's birthday dinner, we decided to stay, hoping that at least the food would save our soured opinion of the place. Sadly, they'd run out of the chicken liver dish we had enjoyed so much last time and what we settled for was a rather mediocre substitute, not to mention ineptly served by clearly overwhelmed staff.

Pizza East is still a lovely space with some very good dishes. However, the discourteous attitude and incompetent service on our last visit was a massive turnoff. If you absolutely must go, at the very least try to avoid the Saturday night shuffle. Hmpf.

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Written by Emiana and Chris Osburn

Last Updated 01 February 2010