Rage Against The Machine Free Gig

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Rage Against The Machine Free Gig

RATMsml.jpg You shattered sweet Joe McElderry's dreams of a number one chart debut with your bizarre Facebook organised "anarchic" act of people power, doing what everyone told you and propelling one hit wonders Rage Against The Machine to the top of the hit parade with their expletive filled grunge rock apopolyptic anthem, 'Killing In The Name Of'. Now you have the chance to attend the "victory party to end all parties" at Finsbury Park on June 6th, having dug out that chain that used to swing from your three quarter length combats, dreaded up your barnet and prepped your larynx for a lot of shouty swearing. Register now online. Tickets will be allocated on a lottery basis. Offer closes Sunday.

Last Updated 12 February 2010


"You shattered sweet Joe McElderry's dreams of a number one chart debut with your bizarre Facebook organised "anarchic" act of people power, doing what everyone told you..."

... which could, alternatively, be viewed as simply buying a single that you would prefer to hear plastered all over the airwaves for two weeks. Less an act of anarchy, more an act of avoiding having to listen to a mid-pubescent saccharine cover version of a song by a teenage Disney star.


The person next to me at a coffee shop right now is painting her nails... I'm not sure which is more annoying, reading that you called Rage Against The Machine a "one hit wonders", or having to smell nail polish as I have a coffee.

Here are a couple of alternative phrases you could have used:
"Grammy award winning rock icons, Rage Against The Machine"
"Kerrang! Hall of Fame legends, Rage Against The Machine"

I mean really... do a little research before you write.


You are an ignorant moron, who knows nothing about music, please please please kill yourself, grunge rock? do you even know what grunge rock is? try Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, not RATM, twat.


I quote myself from my blog on the subject

"None of what has happened is of any great consequence. But it has made people excited, interested, furious, snooty about something that before now they had completely taken for granted. What happens next year? Everyone will be trying to compete with the X Factor single and that’s the way it should be. But not just the Xmas #1. Not even music. None of it matters beyond the fact if you give people something to get interested in, something they feel they have a stake in that they wanna see either happen or not happen, they’ll turn up. Can you imagine if we all took a general election this seriously?"

Getting pissed off that RATM won is completely missing the point of why this whole fiasco was brilliant.


To be honest, I can't believe no one's picked me up on 'apopolyptic'


Lindsey, why didn't you mention that Simon Cowell owns the rights to all sony tracks and has become a multi millionaire from rage being number 1. i mean without that he wouldn't have been able to pay for poor sweet Joe to go on holiday


Oh dear Lindsey! It seems that you are still very sensitive about this subject and it has obviously caused you a great deal of stress and hurt.

It's a shame really that someone of your obvious intellectual capacity could write such a sarcastic and biased article based purely upon your own point of view.

The fact of the matter is 'Rage Against the Machine' are one of the most talented rock bands of all time and to slate them in the way you just have is actually rather childish!

If you're serious about Journalism I would suggest that you keep your personal opinion out of your articles because it comes across that you are just a bitter and twisted individual!


[Tries to put foot in mouth. Fails as tongue is planted too firmly in cheek]


RATM are about as alternative as my cock. They're purveyors of blande shite music for blande shite people.


Just a few quick points to make;

1. Its called "Killing in the name" not "killing in the name of"

2. Rage aren't a grunge band.

3. Rage are not a one hit wonder as pointed out. They have had a more lenghty and successful career than Joe McElderry (a good example, along with most other pop idol winnders of a one hit wonder) will ever have.

4. It was a great victory and proved that talented, passionate musicians can beat generic, manufactured acts with very little going for them except a huge amount of marketing power by Cowell and Sony.

That is all.


It proved that some fans of 'alternative' music like to feel like they've taken a stand against 'the man', when all they've done is bring back a major-label band with a song that outstayed its welcome 18 years ago.

This wasn't a stand against anything, this was the result of viral marketing campaign. X Factor will return. Simon Cowell will make a lot more money. Joe McElderry will disappear, only to be replaced by next year's winner. The status quo will not feel threatened.


Of course, it was a conspiracy engineered deviously. I'm talking about the swine flu scam that will have you get a vaccine that you don't need.

lee jackson

I hate X-factor slush and RATM.

In theory, that was my Christmas screwed twice over, so thanks to all concerned.

But, actually, I managed just fine. Because - and bear with me, as this is obviously a very difficult concept - I generally take the simple expedient of:-

1. not watching anything pertaining to Simon Cowell (this works a treat, try it)

2. not repeatedly listening to anything I really don't like (eg. changing radio station, or turning it off, if a song really pisses me off ... erm, we have both the fingers and the technology, no?)

Now, I admit, I don't work in retail or somewhere you're obliged to listen to Radio X-factor, or whatever. That sucks. But my guess would be that precisely as many people are pissed off by RATM on rotation, as the latest X-factor clone. Where's the improvement here?

As for the momentous importance of this 'victory', well, shocking news for some of the above posters, it's only a song contest. As someone says above 'Can you imagine if we all took a general election this seriously?' -- in short, no I can't imagine that. A shame, really, because that would be something worthwhile, as opposed to this juvenile bullshit. Sure, it was slightly funny for about two minutes; but no more.

Seriously, if you think this was radical or anarchic, you're very easily pleased. The Facebookers successfully created a slightly revised popularity contest to counter the popularity contest they objected to in the first place ... erm, yeah, well done.

As for the RATM fans getting pissed-off here - c'mon guys, lighten up. Did no-one ever tease you before, ever? I mean, I just looked at the band's pics and you've got that guy with the cheap perm for a start ... seriously in need of some Frizz-ease ... ;-)

[troll and rant now over ...]



The Author of this short article is clearly a biased idiot.
probably some silly little girl who fancies this x factor bloke.
You have no reason to beleive whatsoever that he was "told" to start his rebellion. Also, In future, before writting an article, Id do a bit of research, Cause you look like an idiot writting an award winning Hip hop/rock band off as "grunge rock one hit wonders". Especially when they have more than one hit. :/

lee jackson

RATM are clearly just fab. I think we all understand that now. Yay RATM! Keep raging against that machine, lads - Lindsey is clearly then man in disguise - let her have it.

Celine Dion has more Grammys than RATM, mind you. But then she really rocks, no?


"Cause you look like an idiot writting an article"

People in glass houses, youeatweiners...

How many of these people getting well aggy over the original article care about the number 1 chart position? Follow it, commentate on it, buy new releases they genuinely want to make it?


Bravo, bravo. You all stood against 'the man' and united under a common cause. All that money went into the major label's pockets anyway, it really makes no difference.

Why does it take these dumb campaigns to get good music to the top of the charts in the first place? Maybe for a change people should just go out and buy music that they love, rather than 'uniting for a cause'.

Both Joe McElderry and Rage have their redeeming factors, but the fact that this has become such a big issue is a joke in itself. This isn't a story, let me know when an independent artist gets to the top of the charts at Christmas.


All you people who are annoyed about the whole thing, whether or not you wanted the X factor or RATM to win, or even if you didn't care. The fact that it annoys you pleases me, and prompts me to do it again next year.

I bought RATM even though I bought it on cassette single when it came out, and limited edition white vinyl, and then the album on cd, and then a digital copy a couple of years ago. I wanted to help upset the routine the charts have got into, and then it became apparent that some people were getting particularly snooty about the whole thing, so I nearly bought it again. Perhaps whoever it is that orchestrates these things will choose a song that you approve of next year. It made the charts interesting for the first time in five years.


So, today was the day - who got tickets?


Website is being well flakey, took me 5 minutes to even get on it. I have now been stuck in a queue for 45 minutes. It is a slow painful process!


Some people appear to be taking this all just a tiny bit too seriously. Lindsey's article was a light-hearted comment on the free gig promised by RATM after the FB campaign. Name-calling and keyboard warriorism just demonstrates a point being missed.


"If the dude was black then it would be quite insulting/racist to suggest, even in jest, that he should straighten his hair. But he's Mexican/German/Irish, for pete's sake."

Keep digging, dude. Zack isn't "black" enough to be subjected to racist comments? Er, whatever. Who died and appointed you arbiter of "blackness"? Besides, perpetuating the stereotype of frizzy-haired people as figures of fun does actually uphold racism and quietly condones racist attitudes, but eh, whatever. :rolleyes:

Jason B. Standing

I'M ANNOYED! For some reason or other.