Battersea Plans Rejected - For Now

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 99 months ago
Battersea Plans Rejected - For Now

Battersea_020210.jpg The latest plans for what to do with Battersea Power Station have been rejected by the Mayor's office for, among other things, not including enough affordable housing (PDF). The application, by Real Estate Opportunities, needs more work to bring it into line with Boris's London Plan (which seems a bit harsh given the plans were submitted before the Plan was finalised). But City Hall is generally very encouraging about the scheme, which looks like it just needs a bit of tweaking before it'll be acceptable and then who knows? It may even be somewhere we can afford to live.

Last Updated 02 February 2010


The Battersea power station site development deserves an award for the amount of time it's taken to resolve anything regarding the future of site.

Not to mention an award for all the dodgy property dealings that have gone on as well.

Battersea girl

Do you really think Boris has any interest in housing that ordinary people can afford? This scheme needs a lot of work (but yes, at least it is potentially going to happen, thank God). As well as the total lack of affordable housing (due to developers' greed), it cuts the power station off from the rest of Battersea so that it will effectively become a giant gated community, complete with an expensive Westfield-type shopping mall in the turbine hall (what a waste!) Only Chelsea-dwellers across the river will be able to really enjoy this magnificent building. And the huge bleocks of falts surrounding it will create dark and windy canyons.