Week Around The -Ists

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Week Around The -Ists

Photos by Jamie Bradburn/Torontoist.

Londonist is one of thirteen in the worldwide Gothamist network. Once a week, the editors of each site - from SFist to Shanghaiist - compile some of their most interesting posts into a neat digest. Check out what's been going on elsewhere in the ist-a-verse:

  • Torontoist discovered that if you don't like all the construction happening in your neighborhood, you should just put up big banners announcing how much you think that construction sucks. Boom, problem solved.
  • DCist took note when a U.S. District Judge ruled that the Jefferson Memorial is not a public forum where people may dance.
  • Seattlest looked into a state resolution that would end junk mail in Seattle.
  • Shanghaiist found an iPad clone that came out three months before the iPad... and now they're suing Apple for copying their product.
  • SFist grew hopeful after the California High Speed Rail, whose fans are fighting back against NIMBYism, received $2.25 billion this week.
  • Gothamist wondered if the age of the hipster had set—and that the era of the "helpster" was rising.
  • Chicagoist discovered that Wal-Mart and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce have been using a fake community community group to garner support for a new store on the city's South Side.
  • LAist found that nothing stirs up the city's passions, loyalties, are ire faster than a story declaring which 10 hamburgers are the best.
  • Bostonist discovered New Hampshire's official shirt (the three wolf moon).
  • Londonist took a geometric approach to calculating the geographical centre of London, with surprising results.
  • Phillyist prepared for an alternative beauty pageant, hosted by everyone's favorite queer eye.
  • Last Updated 31 January 2010