The Saturday Strangeness

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The Saturday Strangeness

Angel 136. Angels over London

Angels are without doubt some of the most harmonious mythical figures.These symbols of hope however appear to be more than just iconic archetypes, as many witnesses have recorded encounters with such winged wonders throughout the history of the capital. On 8th September 1944 the South London Times reported that an 'angel' had been observed over Peckham. The entity had appeared during a bombing raid and observed for more than twenty minutes. One witness, a Mrs Halsey of 67 Hornby Road, told a reporter, "I have never seen anything so wonderful, I believe it was the Angel of Peace" - a vision echoing the Angel of Mons seen during the previous war.

A Mr Phillips, who lived on the same road, also saw the figure, which apparently spread its wings and peered in the direction where a bomb had landed and sprayed dust.

There are many recorded encounters with angels, the most well-known London-related figure being referred to as the 'Thames Angel', which has been seen around the Embankment since the Great Fire of London. A few photos of the entity exist, and the figure was also seen during both wars around the capital, even to the present day. Sceptics argue however that what people are seeing and photographing is nothing more than a reflection or illusion, and it must be admitted that the photos purporting to show the 'angel', do show nothing more than a whitish blur. Even so, the belief in angels has risen, instilling a breath a hope into the heart of folk searching for a brighter day among the seasons of war and political upheaval.

Photo by Adam Selwood on flickr.

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