Listen Up Interview: Eliza Doolittle

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Listen Up Interview: Eliza Doolittle


Calling yourself Eliza Doolittle is a brave thing to do as an emerging musician. Not only will it make your record label scratch their heads when it comes to a google strategy, but it means there'll always be someone with your name more famous than you and you'll always be asked about it in interviews. The modern day Eliza though is no cockney sparrow. Instead she can be found a few miles further North and has spent the last couple of years running down to South London as well as America to work with some cool producers ahead of her debut album released later this year. Expect shades of Lily but with a relaxing, jangly, almost Jack Johnson (wait.. come back!) kind of vibe. Skinny Genes is her first single and you can catch her live this Tuesday at the Jazz Cafe with Mini Viva and Girls Can't Catch. Make sure you read right to the end of our interview for a perfect Valentines London tip.

Hello Eliza. We can't get Moneybox out of our head! Explain yourself please!

Hi! I'm Eliza Doolittle and I'm a singer and a songwriter from London. At the moment, I'm getting ready to release my 1st ever single and album. I've been doing lots of gigs and have got lots more coming up so have been rehearsing and working on getting my live set shining as brightly as possible.

You're a London girl born & bred - where do you call home?

I'm originally from Camden town and it's definitely my home.  I love it because it has a great London vibe.  It's got so many hidden characteristic nooks and crannies that I love to spend time in.  I suppose the one bad thing about the area is the tourists and how busy it can get on a weekend but I'm not complaining too much!

What's the one must-do thing in Camden you'd tell a tourist to do?

Eat a Lock Tavern pie.

Do you think growing up in London is a good thing?

You do see a lot in London, good and bad.  Maybe it does affect you and make you aware of things in a way like no other.

What's your favourite London venue and why?

I really like the Roundhouse.  I love how it puts on so many different types of events and you can have a completely different experience there from one night to the next.

Can you think of an unusual London location that would be amazing to do a gig at?

I love how some bands do gigs on the roofs of buildings.  Maybe the London Eye would be could do a 2 hour gig and have people get on and off each time it goes round.  Would be quite unusual and fun!

What about somewhere a bit more grubby - have you ever busked?

I've never busked but I would like to still.  I'm doing a School tour called 'Playground Unplugged' and I think it's going to be too cold but I really wanted to do it in the playground like a busker.  I think the grimiest place I've played is probably 12 bar.  The microphones smelt like bad, bad, bad breath.

What can we expect from you in 2010?

Lots of gigs, lots of singing, lots of doo-diddly-da-ba-bo and my record!

What's your favourite clubnight in town?

I haven't been clubbing in ages, I'm like an old laydeeeeee!  But I do like Sensible Sunday's at the Lock Tavern and Luv it Live.  

What other new London bands / artists should we be checking out?

I love The xx, Golden Silvers, Kid harpoon, and Sam McCarthy.

And finally what's your London secret?

There's the most romantic bench in Kenwood park right by Kenwood House.  It's hidden underneath a roof of vine leaves and I love it there.  Will you find it?

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