First Run In Olympic Park - Be Part Of it!

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First Run In Olympic Park - Be Part Of it!

NewhamRun.jpg Runners of all levels and those curious enough about the Olympic Park to willingly jog to view it are welcome to sign up for a brand new run for London: the Newham London Run. This 10km run starts and finishes in Stratford Park, taking in West Ham Park, The Greenway, Stratford town centre as well as the most anticipated section through the Olympic Park.

Being a fun run and mainly about getting access to otherwise inaccessible bits of the Olympic megatropolis, there shouldn't be any sprinting and plenty of slowing down to have a look around - though do stick to the path and try to keep up some pretence of running. 3,000 places are available for the public, places are £20.00 each and the event is scheduled for Sunday 7 March - that's six weeks to get in shape. Deadline for applications is midnight on Sunday 14 February; get clicking now on the Newham London Run website to get your place.

Otherwise, take children along for the 2.5km Newham London Family Fun Run which takes place beside Stratford Park on the same day and has more emphasis on taking part, whether that's skipping, hopping, jumping or competitively jostling the whole way to the finish line. Children must be 5 years or older to take part and entry fee is £5.00 per participant.

We know it's not quite the same as taking part in the 2012 Olympics as an athlete proper, but it's close enough. We'll see you at the finish line with energy drinks and medals!

Newham London Run, Sunday 7 March 2010. For more information and to register, go to the Newham London Run website.

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