Dance Preview: Giselle @ The Coliseum

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Dance Preview: Giselle @ The Coliseum

Giselle ENB c Daria Klimentova (Custom).JPG

Giselle, a ballet based on a classic romantic tale (our précis: boy meets girl, boy lies and cheats, girl forgives him anyway because she really loves him) comes to the Coliseum next week. The ENB's production has even been known to bring reviewers to tears in the past. Which sounds great, but what we're really looking forward to is the all-male (and we assume all-leaping, all-spinning) prelude Men Y Men, which "is designed to challenge the men of the Company in a daring and thrilling new piece set to music by Rachmaninov." We'll let you know what we think once we've seen it.

The ENB perform Giselle and Men Y Men at the London Coliseum from Jan 20-24. Tickets from £10. Unfortunately the special 'Interaction Sessions' are already sold out.

Last Updated 13 January 2010