Back to the Future

By Jonn Last edited 106 months ago
Back to the Future

ken.jpeg It's not the first time he's said it, but it may be the clearest. On today's Daily Politics show, Andrew Neill asked Ken Livingstone whether he'd run for Mayor again in 2012. "God willing," Ken replied, with a surprisingly coy smile, "Yes."

This will come as no surprise to anyone who's noticed the comments he's has made about his successor's policies on everything from public spaces to a bit of snow. We suspect it won't come as a big surprise to the Labour party hierarchy, either; they've spent much of the last year preemptively trying to block him with one of their own preferred candidates. (Because this, of course, worked so well last time.)

All of this, in fact, is starting to feel a little familiar: 2012 looks set to feature the candidates from 2008 battling the tactics Labour used back in 2000. On the whole it's shaping up to be a sort of greatest hits mayoral election compilation, isn't it?

(Picture courtesy of Destiny's Agent under a creative commons licence)

Last Updated 19 January 2010