Smokers Face Fag Litter Fine

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 103 months ago
Smokers Face Fag Litter Fine

0212_cigarette.jpg Another unfair blow to an already persecuted group? Or a victory for common decency and cleaner streets? Smokers in the City who flick their cigarette butts onto the floor could be fined £80 for the privilege of using the streets as their personal ashtray. A cadre of ten environmental officers will prowl the highways and byways of the Square Mile, doling out spot-fines to anybody caught shucking their ends. Ominously, these spotters will be empowered to slap a £1,000 fine on anybody caught "giving false information"; without a surveillance operation worthy of the Stasi, how will they know? Expect an increase in City puffers answering to the soubrique "Seymour Butts". (Stereotypical City smoker by Ben Hopper)

Last Updated 02 December 2009


I think a fine is fair enough. Do the smokers think that the fag butts disolve away or something?!



Actually, I think I'd rather see a fine for people throwing their nasty chips with curry sauce on the ground, first. Especially when they are in those lovely styrofoam containers. Cigarette butts I can live with a bit better - and I'm not a smoker.


Good idea, but only of course if anyone littering the streets is fined the same. Otherwise smokers will once again think the world is against them.

And.. I am not a smoker and as long as I don't get smoke in my face, happy to let other do as they wish.

Also I wrk with a girl whos name is - Seema butt !! and yes she's a smoker...


I agree with you!


Sobriquet, DeanN. Difficult word to spell I agree.

I've never quite understood the need for Londoners, or tourists, to chuck ANYthing on the ground ... but it appears to be the natural repository for takeaway containers, wrappers, used chewing gum, smoking detritus etc. ever since the paranoia about bombs removed almost all waste receptacles from the city.

Time to re-bin.

Bomb proof versions are available and local authorities AND London Underground should be mandated to provide and service them to a level adequate to maintain clean streets, they can always re-charge the fast food vendors and sales outlets for cleaning up after them.

And can we also find a way to stop spitting on pavements?


I've seen these fag end and gum bins around. Think enforcing spittoons may be taking it a bit too far.


Oh well.. better stop smoking or you will end up with an empty pocket. It's not only bad for your health but for your wealth too! LOL!


Smokers or non-smokers, I think they should all be fined the same way... There should be no discrimination.
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