Prince Charles, Boris Johnson Named In High Court Case

Dean Nicholas
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Prince Charles, Boris Johnson Named In High Court Case

The house that Charles killed
Will Prince Charles come to rue the day he poked the Royal beak into the Chelsea Barracks affair? Court documents reveal that the Candy brothers, who are suing site owner Qatari Dar after the Richard Rogers scheme collapsed, will call the Prince as a witness. The brothers allege that the Qataris broke their contract by withdrawing the project, and intimate that the decision was the "direct result of an intervention in the planning process by the Prince of Wales"; Charles could be cross-examined if he appears in court. Boris Johnson has also been cited in the case, as the Qataris are expected to claim that they believed the Mayor would nix the project. The case opens in the High Court today.

Last Updated 01 December 2009


Fantastic! Charles must be made accountable for his meddling.


Charles isn't going to be charged with anything, he did the public and country a service by helping to cause this god-awful development to flop.

His involvement should be praised.


Quite right, Kingpin. Well done Charles. You might be a rich, workshy muppet, but you've saved a nice bit of Chelsea from being defaced by another monstrous carbuncle. Yeah Boris might have nixed it anyway, but he's already got quite a dodgy record approving planning applications for buildings that eff up the skyline - Coin Street Tower on the South Bank springs to mind. When he was campaigning against Ken, Boris specifically promised to block new skyscrapers going up outside the City. Who voted for the man? That's what I wanna know.


Who voted for Prince Charles...?