London Freecycle Is Dead! Long Live Freecycle!

By pfog Last edited 156 months ago
London Freecycle Is Dead! Long Live Freecycle!


London Freecycle, the online forum for Londoners to pass on unwanted or unneeded items to others who can use them, will be no more come the new year. The gargantuan, London-wide, eco-friendly beast is being killed off to be replaced by the many-headed hydra of borough-specific freecycle and freegle groups.

So if you're up to your eyeballs in thoughtless Christmas presents (none of these we hope!), or simply have something you don't need anymore, why not freecycle it and let it live on, rather than sending it to landfill? It costs nothing, and will give you a warm fuzzy feeling for helping out the environment and someone in your local community. And if you have a DIY or art project that needs some odd items, you'd be surprised what people have lying around...

You've got until December 31st to use the London-wide group, but we'd recommend signing up to your local freecycle or freegle group which will live on in 2010.

Last Updated 30 December 2009