Christmas Weekend Round-Up

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Christmas Weekend Round-Up


Here's what we've learned whilst you've been, well, you know, focused elsewhere:

  • Home county police were forced to take cover by over-boisterous snow-ballers.
  • Four men have been arrested after the body of a man was found in an East London street.
  • Can you help this ex-pat Hendonite who is trying to trace his first girlfriend after a 55 year interval..?
  • A former UCL student has caused airport security chaos by trying to blow himself up on a US bound flight.
  • Thousands of rather cross North Londoners are still without gas after a week of outage.
  • The Ultimate Christmas, by sinister pictures via the Londonist pool. Do send us piccies if there are any houses like this near where you are....

    Last Updated 27 December 2009