Review: They Only Come at Night, Visions @ The Barbican

By Ruth Last edited 108 months ago
Review: They Only Come at Night, Visions @ The Barbican

By Tim Smith

The Slung Low theatre company aren’t exactly renowned for abiding by convention, and the world they have created in the bowels of the Barbican Centre this month is as far removed from the traditional concept of theatre as you can imagine. They Only Come at Night: Visions is part walking tour, part ghost train, which draws you deep into an unnervingly tangible world at the periphery of society inhabited by, er, vampires. Whilst you may keep saying to yourself “it’s only theatre” as your seemingly innocent night starts out, their unique take on audience participation will ensure that that is no comfort. This is macro-choreography of the highest calibre, with the experiences of actors and guests (and the uninvited) overlapping and interweaving in spectacular harmony.

This run is sold out already, but keep a look out for their unique future productions (including a follow up to Night: Visions) or take a chance on returns on the night - there’s time slots to fill, so any latercomers need replacing. But remember, in the Barbican, no one can hear you scream... Except the actors. They must be having an absolute blast with this.

Last Updated 11 November 2009