No More Sunday Church For Kentish Town

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No More Sunday Church For Kentish Town

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Sunday is for church. Or, for hedonistic Antipodean tipplers with scant regard for Monday hangovers, Sundays are for attending The Church, a riotous afternoon boozing event that has occurred every week at the Forum in Kentish Town for the last five years. After a prolonged campaign against the club that brings Australian day time binge drinking to the area, the locals have won and The Church is moving south to bother the folks around the Clapham Grand from the new year.

Regular Sunday "worship" at The Church involves fancy dress, strippers and drinking games. Alarmingly, the high-spirits are so raucous it has been necessary to put bouncers on the Kentish Town tube platforms, to keep the drunken ones out of the first two carriages of each train, for the sake of the passengers who aren't quite as inebriated or rowdy. And the clubbers turn up drunk for the 12noon kick off - really? That makes it an almighty after-after-after-party; what the hell are these people doing before they turn up for The Church? Whatever it is, the locals have had enough and have finally switched on the lights, gathered up the empties and shown the revellers the door. Amen and God bless everyone (especially the people around Clapham Junction, who will be receiving the special blessing of The Church quite soon.)

Last Updated 30 November 2009