Mayor Raises Crowded House Concerns

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 102 months ago
Mayor Raises Crowded House Concerns

1011_chick.jpg There's not much freedom within or without for many kids living in London homes, and Boris wants to do something about it. He's compared the situation faced by many youngsters to living in a battery farm, and has joined with homeless charity Shelter and a group of 270 MPs to call on a rewrite of the existing 1935 legislation on overcrowding, the inter-war text of which states that a family of four living in a one-bedroom flat is acceptable. The number of children in London living in overcrowded conditions has risen by 10% in the past two years to an estimated 330,000, and the Mayor, who published a bold housing strategy earlier in the year, is determined to bring it down. Though it may vex his supporters, Mr. Johnson is slowly coming around to the kind of high-density yet accommodating living conditions that tall towers can provide.

Last Updated 10 November 2009


Would this be the same "bold" housing strategy that abandoned the 50% affordable/social requirement for new housing developments?

I'm all for demanding a higher proportion of family-size 3/4 bed homes instead of the plethora of 1/2 bed flats, but there does also need to be some radical action to ensure that new homes are built and that we tackle overoccupancy in existing social homes (where you have perhaps one or two people living in a family home, after their children have all flown the nest) and therefore allocate existing social housing in a more efficient manner.

In Lambeth alone there are ~11,000 households on the waitlist, with only 85 or so getting housed last year. I see nothing in this rhetoric that will actually tackle this equally fundamental issue.