London Lite Bows Out This Friday

By Hazel Last edited 169 months ago
London Lite Bows Out This Friday

Image by D I C K S D A I L Y from the Londonist Flickr pool

The following article is best appreciated while sitting at a grand piano, with a certain tune playing in the background and perhaps one or two candles in the wind dotted around...

Goodbye London Lite

We hardly read you at all

You had greater longevity

Than the other one that also closed

There's thirty-six staff

And loads of distributors

Who are all laid off now

We won't see them any more

And it seemed you'd be always the free

Newspaper for London

Never charging for the non-news

You printed each day

Now there's only The Evening Standard

But that's hard to find

Who will trip me up now

When I try to get the tube?

It was just a bit silly

When there were newspapers everywhere

Only good for sudoku

And spot the difference games

It was never going to last

We didn't care enough

About celebrity's shoes

Or Lily Allen clubbing 'til late

And it seems to us you tried so hard

To be fun for eveyone

Even spelling your own name wrong

For the hell of it

You just wanted to show Rupert

That you could do "free" too

Now he's given up his freesheet

You have to go as well

Friday is your last day

Goodbye London Lite

Last Updated 10 November 2009