London Blend: J+A Cafe

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London Blend: J+A Cafe

Poached eggs on toasted crusty bread photo by Chris Osburn

Nestled within the secret nook that is Sutton Lane (between Great Sutton Street and Clerkenwell Road), J+A Cafe is a dream of post industrial use cosiness. Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm, it's an ideal place do a little work; in fact this post is being written and published from the J+A. Ah, free wifi - it's a beautiful thing.

The coffee's great here - maybe not as good as others nearby and reviewed in this series but certainly above average. And the food's wholesome and hearty. We like the poached eggs on toasted crusty bread (especially for only £3.50) and think their pan fried chicken salad is a more than decent lunch option for Clerkenwellers.

J+A Cafe is located at 4 Sutton Lane (EC1M 5PU). Visit for more info, and keep in mind that, as Batcave-y and secluded as this lovely cafe may be, it tends to crowd up quick round lunchtime.

Last Updated 09 November 2009