ZZ Top Rocker Takes The Tube

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ZZ Top Rocker Takes The Tube

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If you're preparing to head home on the tube, be vigilant for the famous grizzled beard of Billy Gibbons, guitarist of the honourable rock band ZZ Top. He favours the tube over a fancy limo as demonstrated when he played Wembley last week, and took the Metropolitan line there, unaccompanied. Gibbons wanted a taste of the Londoner's everyday public transport... and his wish came true, as the Circle Line broke down the instant he got his ticket.

A bus to Baker Street got him on his way, along with ZZ Top fans coincidentally heading to Wembley for the concert too - and he beat his bandmates by a satisfying 45 minutes. The carriage must have been packed with folks too afraid to sit next to him in case he a) asked for 10p for a cup of tea, or b) was actually Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.

Being a god of rock means further forays on public transport are unlikely, but Gibbons won the Marshall 11 award at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour awards this week, and he can frankly do whatever he likes. Except get the Circle Line when it decides not to work or inexplicably turns into a Hammersmith and City Line train at Euston Square. Not even 40 years in ZZ Top can change that.

Tube Passenger #1: Well, that was exciting wasn't it! Rock and roll! On the tube!

Tube Passenger #2: You know... that wasn't him. That's not the guy from ZZ Top

Tube Passenger #1: But... the beard. The beanie hat. It was him, wasn't it?

Tube Passenger #2: No, it was Derelict Messiah. He always gets the tube when it rains.

Tube Passenger #1: But... he signed my paperback. Look, that's his signature.

Tube Passenger #2: That's not his signature, it says "Feck yer arse-face gibbon monkey." And he licked the spine when you were looking for a pen.

Tube Passenger #1: Oh. Oh my god. Oh my god, what do I do with it now?

Tube Passenger #2: Sell it on eBay. Or burn it.

Tube Passenger #1: Ah. Yeah. I'll think about it. Hmm, sticky...

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