Get Bossed About By Your Train

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 102 months ago
Get Bossed About By Your Train

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PAYG is not even the end of today's exciting transport news! Siemens, who are bidding to supply the trains on the Thameslink route between Bedford and Brighton, say they would implement the first 'intellligent trains' of their kind in Europe. The Desiro City model can count the number of passengers in each carriage to control the air con flow, and also sends crowding information to the next station, where lights show people where to stand to get on a less packed carriage. The route is already set for driverless trains - but given how little attention commuters pay to human announcements to 'move down the platform', would they really trust a computer in the quest to find more room?

Last Updated 23 November 2009


They might have tried it on the DLR first, at least that is already driverless with few if any announcements, certainly none I've heard.

Also these new Thameslink trains (okay it's FCC but it'll be called Thameslink for years to come) are tubular, in that there are no doors between cariages, it's straight through, to help with over crowded carriages. Hope the new passenger counting system can take account that a signalled 'empty' carriage may not be so empty by the time it gets to the next station.