Finsbury Punk'd

Dean Nicholas
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Finsbury Punk'd

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Long considered the red-headed stepchild of the borough by wealthier Islingtonites, residents of Finsbury Park have had that prejudice confirmed by a new pocket guide that virtually disowns the area.

The 32-page guide, distributed free in this week's edition of Time Out and shortly to be mailed out across the borough, is aimed at drumming up custom for businesses and services across Islington. Yet the many streets of N4 rack up just a single mention: Fonthill Road, with its manic clothing markets. The rest of the area fondly known (at least to Ciryl players) as Krapy Rubsnif might as well not exist.

The council deposited responsibility for the diss at the doors of Time Out, who were responsible for the content. Guide editor Laura Lee Davies said: "There are some great places in Blackstock Road but places like Archway and even Holloway Road often just get taken for granted as well... we can't just leave out Upper Street".

Certainly not — the good burghers of N1 need to know where to buy their goji berries and ethically sourced handbags.

Last Updated 12 November 2009