FCC Does The Decent Thing On Compensation

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 110 months ago
FCC Does The Decent Thing On Compensation

In case you missed it, FCC popped by to tell us they're going to honour the normal timetable when it comes to compensation payments during the work-to-rule. Usually in these 'amended timetable' situations, you have to live with the new timings even if it's one tiny train an hour and like it. (The phrase from TOCs is generally "in the event that we introduce an emergency timetable, Passenger's Charter compensation arrangements will be based on the emergency timetable" before adding, silently, "so screw you".)

FCC finally got round to putting up some clarifying FAQs yesterday afternoon (we'd love to think a lengthy email conversation we had with them helped point out some discrepancies, but given how long it takes big companies to sort out their corporate line, it was probably coincidence). Anyway, long and short of it is that if you would normally catch a train that isn't running at the moment, and the delay is more than 30 minutes, you can make a claim. Although, given that there's still a train every half an hour, you'll probably have to wait for something else to go wrong to be in line for some cash.

Last Updated 14 November 2009