Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra


  • Staffordshire police have apologised to Brixton indie band The Thirst after 30 officers pounced on them.
  • Rich Ruskies are helping to boost the London art market.
  • Driving in East London? Allow extra time: the Blackwall Tunnel is shut for a few days following a fire.
  • The Bishop of Croydon takes a pop at festive sing-songs.
  • 25% of London's workforce is drinking while on the job, claim YouGov. Er, you believe that?
  • London primary school education is to get a £140m boost.
  • O2 by n.a. via the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 30 November 2009


    Update: we heard the Tunnel was due to reopen tonight at 7pm - quote from TFL press release: The Blackwall Tunnel northbound will reopen at 19.00 tonight (Monday 30 November) after TfL engineers worked quickly to repair fire damage to the tunnel.