In Pictures: Carnaby Street Switch On

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Last Updated 11 November 2009

In Pictures: Carnaby Street Switch On
Oh deer.
More hippy than Hipatia the hippy hipopotamus' hip replacement.
Our exclamation "Wow, look at that moose" was misconstrued.
It's all you need, we hear.

Groovy, baby! This Christmas Carnaby Street returns to its iconic 60's roots as the theme for its festive decorations - the decade in which the street ruled Swinging London, and London swung the world. The decorations are a psychedelic trip, featuring acid-bright six metre high inflatables celebrating 60's style concepts of Peace, Joy, Love and Hope, interspersed with enormous hot pink reindeers. Fab.

Once again the amazingly imaginative decorations - surely London's finest - are designed by the award-winning Paul Dart from the James Clancy Design Agency, who says "psychedelic Christmas is a fond homage to the 50th birthday of Carnaby as it was the birthplace of the explosion of British fashion design and its vitality still invigorates the design world today."

To celebrate the official switch on, last night Carnaby held a street disco with a live DJ set from Eddie Piller, founder of Acid Jazz Records.

By Edward Clarke. All images by the author.