Buskers Find TfL's Bite Worse Than Bach

By BethPH Last edited 110 months ago
Buskers Find TfL's Bite Worse Than Bach

guitar.jpg London's tube buskers are finding little symphony from TfL for their concerns over new rules.

Despite the Great Tube Busk-Off back in the summer which was intended to promote new busking talent, other performers say the changes will put people off and accuse TfL of being (tone) deaf to their worries, which include introduction of a higher rate phone number for booking pitches and a ban on selling CDs.

We can't help thinking that preventing musicians promoting themselves strikes something of a discordant note with TfL's attempts to find a new sponsor for busking pitches after their deals with Carling and the now-defunct thelondonpaper ran out. Matching sponsors and songs could be entertaining: how about BT and 'Hangin' on the Telephone'?

Photo by Clav

Last Updated 05 November 2009