Win Tickets To Chocolate Unwrapped

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Win Tickets To Chocolate Unwrapped

Chocolate.jpg There are few things in life better than chocolate, which is why we're so excited about 'Chocolate Unwrapped', a dedicated chocolate show running between 10th-11th October at the Mayfair Hotel that's designed to kick start Chocolate Week with a gooey bang.

Alongside an interesting programme of seminars with legendary chocolatiers such as Paul A Young and Angus Thirlwell, there will be tastings, demonstrations and even chocolate art, making it probably one of the few places that you wouldn't mind being held hostage this weekend. Tickets to this indulgent experience are £12.50 in advance from The Ticket Factory or £15 on the door, but we have a pair of tickets to the Sunday morning seminar session, featuring Paul Wayne Gregory and Angus Thirlwell from Hotel Chocolat, to give away to our most chocolate-addicted readers.

To win the tickets, which not only grant you access to the seminar but also to the exhibition featuring 25 of the best chocolate companies alongside other related stands, demonstrations and artwork - simply post your answer to the following question in the comments below: What is the most outrageous thing that you've ever done to get chocolate? You have until 1pm tomorrow (6th October) to post your answers so get typing - chocolate heaven might only be one confession away...

Chocolate Unwrapped takes place at the Mayfair Hotel, Stratton Street, between 10th-11th October. Tickets are available from The Ticket Factory or on the door.

Last Updated 05 October 2009

Burcu Baykurt

Singing on the street to collect money for buying belgium chocolate (outrageous part is my quite bad voice:)

Coralie Grassin

Pretend I was pregnant and going faint... Threatening I needed to eat something to fight the nausea while looking threateningly at the ladies nice new shoes...


The night I got burgled I trawled round 4 local shops hoping for one that was open so I could comfort eat a couple of Wispas. But they were all shut :-(

And I know I can't enter this anyway. But I needed to share.


This goes back to my formative childhood years... My parents had woken very early to hide Easter eggs around the house and garden so that the kids could spend the morning in an Easter egg hunt. They then went back to sleep, forgetting that the family dog (a gorgeous, but unbelievably dim red setter) was a light sleeper.

I woke to the sounds of the dog scratching around under my bed, and found him licking the chocolate off shreds of foil wrapper that were scattered everywhere... I did what any kid would do. I wrestled the dog for the last remaining chocolate eggs, which were slightly drool-covered.

Clearly, the dog had woken at dawn and sniffed out all the chocolate caches and gorged himself on the Easter goodies... In case you don't know, chocoloate isn't that good for dogs and he spent the rest of the day vomiting everywhere. Containing traces of the Easter eggs' brightly coloured tin-foil wrappers, it was the prettiest puke I'd ever seen.


I regularly get 'lost' so that I lead people past chocolate shops I like. It's always a complete accident, obviously..

Anyway, the competition is now closed - check your inbox to see if you've won. Thanks for entering!