Soldier Soldier Not Welcome In Tiger Tiger

Dean Nicholas
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Soldier Soldier Not Welcome In Tiger Tiger

Image by Simon-K
Across the pond, American businesses like to offer freebies to their returning troops; turn up in uniform at a bar, bowling alley, or, er, brothel, and you're likely to be welcomed with a smile and a drink on the house. In Britain, you're more likely to be turned away: soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Rifles who trooped up to Tiger Tiger in Croydon were sent packing because their dress was too untidy.

The soldiers had previously been cheered as they marched through the streets of Croydon, having been invited by the Borough in honour of local lad Danny Simpson, one of thirteen the 19 LIght Brigade have lost in Afghanistan this year. After the march they retired to Tiger Tiger for a bit of R & R, but come 8pm bar staff told them to scram, as their fatigues weren't in line with the club's strict dress code. Some went home, while some went to a nearby Primark to buy cheap civilian clobber and returned later to the bar.

An over-reaction by an officious bar manager who should have bent the rules this one time? Not according to the general manager of Tiger Tiger. "it is our dress code that on Thursday nights people must come dressed in smart casual clothes", he droned. "We understand that they have just returned from Afghanistan but that is our policy".

Resented by many of the Afghans they're trying to help, and treated disgracefully upon their return to Blighty; who'd be a soldier?

Last Updated 31 October 2009