Queen Goes To Theatre; Look, She's Just Like Us

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 144 months ago
Queen Goes To Theatre; Look, She's Just Like Us

Not that theatre... image by Pit Van Meeffe from the Londonist Flickr pool
Don't you hate people who leave it til the last minute to take their seats at the theatre? "Excuse one... excuse one... excuse one... Yis, sorry one is late, the Prime Minister of Malaysia would not shut up and then the taxi couldn't find the right door to the Palace. Excuse one... there we are."

Yes, it seems Her Majesty has been taking one of her low-key trips to the theatre again, something Buck House claims she does 'regularly' and goes unnoticed. (How? We know Londoners have perfected the thousand-mile, glassy-eyed stare of ignoring everyone, but does nobody ever look across, think 'hmm, she looks a bit familiar' and pull out a fiver? After all, this is a woman who's had the same hairstyle for 50 years). This Monday she popped down to Drury Lane to catch War Horse, the National's popular production of Michael Morpurgo's book about a young WWI recruit and his friendship with a horse (there are life size horse puppets as well; we bet that kept Prince Phillip amused).

Apparently the Queen went unrecognised until the interval when the lights went up, and the audience gave her a round of applause which she 'acknowledged with a wave'. (No word on whether it was the famous circular hand movement often seen from the backs of cars.) But were you there? Because we want to know a few things. Is the Queen a cougher? Does she take a bag of Werther's Originals into the auditorium? And where was she going at that interval break - to complain about the prices of drinks in the theatre bar? So many possibilities.

Last Updated 16 October 2009