New Bar and Restaurant Review: The Parlour

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New Bar and Restaurant Review: The Parlour


Here's another bonus for Canary Wharfers: a halfway decent place to grab a bite to eat or to mingle over some drinks. Brought to you by the folks behind the Refinery in Southwark (of which we broadly approve), The Parlour is a stylish addition to the otherwise meh scene of the Wharf.

Just opened over a week ago, The Parlour was pumping with the afterwork crowd on our visit. We liked how the large space was divided into different sections - lounge, winery, bar, dining, etc - while still retaining an overall congruent flow.

As for the food, we only sampled the canapes. The chilli tiger prawns made a positive impression as did mini beef burgers on focaccia (both offered at £12.95 for nine pieces). Assuming The Parlour's menu is on par with its sister resto, the Refinery, we'd gladly pop back round for a proper menu peruse sometime.

Drinks were good, service was fine, bankers were rounded up in one place. All in all, Scary Wharf seemed a little less dehumanizing than we remembered it to be. Had this swishy joint opened in, say, Soho we'd probably have just shrugged our shoulders (and scratched our head at how such a massive restaurant could afford the costs in so central a location). However, given the options, if you're stuck out at Canary Wharf and looking for a munch-n-guzzle, making a bee-line for The Parlour would be a wise decision.

The Parlour is located at 40 canada square park (E14 5FW). Visit 'em online for more details.

Photograph courtesy of The Parlour

Last Updated 27 October 2009