Last Chance To See: Cirkus Cirkör @ Peacock Theatre

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Last Chance To See: Cirkus Cirkör @ Peacock Theatre

By Mats Bäcker
If you were frightened of clowns as a child then you probably shouldn’t go down to the Peacock Theatre at the moment, where Cirkus Cirkör have brought their unique Scandinavian blend of dance, physical theatre, pop-philosophy, music and circus tricks to life. A heavy aspect of death also prevails, in a performance which is woven together by a metaphor of risk taking and questioning what it means to be alive.

At times sickly sweet, whilst at others darkly foreboding, this show has drawn many comparisons with the work of David Lynch (eerie guitars and red velvet drapes being among the more obvious pointers). Fans of The League of Gentlemen will also find much to appreciate in the dystopian characters of an albino ringmaster and a seductive, tightrope walking granny who is kept in a cage, whilst the powerful imagery and mix of live music from Irya's Playground will seem familiar to those who remember Michel Gondry's adverts for Levis.

No aspect of the show can be seen in isolation, and it would take many visits before it could all sink in, such is the pace and richness of the performance. A spectacularly energetic drum solo - by a man who seemed to be channelling a mix of Presidents of the USA and Animal from The Muppets - knitted beautifully with juggling stunts to make your brain fuse and your eyes beg for mercy. In what must be the most intricate trapeze act we have ever seen, two performers defied Newton's theories of gravitation and got more intimately acquainted than they'd ever be allowed in Soho with such speed and inventiveness that it gave us cramp just watching it. This is a troupe who are clearly comfortable with not only their own capabilities, but also with each other - mistakes become ad-libs, and the whole, gruelling performance appears to be one effortless game. Of course it's not effortless at all, and the night after we went the show was cancelled due to injury. Better get down there quick, if you think their bodies and your mind can take it.

By Ruth Lang

Until 31st October. Tickets £10-36. Book online now.

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