Murder Mystery Preview: Fancy A Brush With Death?

By Lindsey Last edited 111 months ago
Murder Mystery Preview: Fancy A Brush With Death?

brushwithdeath.jpg There's nothing quite like a double dose of murder mystery telly in the afternoons - Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder, preferably, one after the other works for us. But this admission has really made us think we should get out more hence we're signing up to participating in an actual detective adventure on the murder mystery trail with 'A Brush With Death'.

Taking the urban treasure hunt and making it twisted, A Brush With Death is an exercise in capital sleuthing. You and your mates must solve the murder of 'celebrated art critic Charles van der Rood' by examining his final diary entries and solving clues that will take you around London gathering evidence. The chilling challenge takes place on the afternoon of 14th November and ends with an after party at Vibe Bar, Brick Lane where we hope the guilty party will be successfully identified, prizes awarded for the best sleuthing submission and the culprit made to confess before we all get drunk and go dancing.

Then it's hangover recovery time with a gentle Poirot next morning.

Hurry, detective types! The game is afoot and it's nearly full up. We'll be there dressed as Jessica Fletcher and Dr Mark Sloan. All the info on how it works here. Just £5 a head so sign up now to play.

Last Updated 27 October 2009