Camden Lock Jumpers Cause Concern

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 129 months ago
Camden Lock Jumpers Cause Concern

Camden_Lock_1Oct09.jpg Businesses around the Camden section of Regent's Canal are being provided with throwlines following worries over drunkards jumping into the water. (Yes, we're talking people, not sweaters.) British Waterways and Camden Council have had to step up patrols, CCTV and the aforementioned ropes, in case someone gets into difficulty after six or seven too many beers in one of Camden's delightful watering holes.

Videos of jumpers are appearing on YouTube, including one genius chucking himself off scaffolding. We can't really understand the urge to dive into the stinking waters of the Canal ourselves, never mind factoring in freezing or shallow water, clinging clothes or being so shitfaced you forget how to swim. Are we just fusty and old now, or does this sound like a spectacularly stupid thing to do? Do us all a favour: let's not have any need for these lassos, before 'elf and safety Britain stops us all walking by the Canal please? (Jumper-less image by Matt from London from the Londonist Flickr pool)

Last Updated 01 October 2009