Boris in Twitpic Fail

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Boris in Twitpic Fail

Boris headed north on Sunday to Manchester and posted a photo of himself working hard on his Tory conference speech to his Twitpic feed. Unfortunately eagle-eyed readers over at Dave Hill's blog spotted that something was amiss: the Virgin train seemed strangely spacious and oddly comfortable. A commenter familiar with turning left after boarding an aircraft was able to confirm that this was in fact First Class on British Airways. City Hall have yet to confess to the mistake, but did assure the Guardian that Boris had not chartered a 777 for the 50 minute flight to Manchester and even paid for his upgrade to First Class out of his own, soon to be frozen, salary.

Last Updated 07 October 2009


Further examination of the picture's metadata reveals it was taken on September 17th -- the very day Boris was flying to New York, at Mayor Bloomberg's expense. Seems entirely likely that Boris did travel to the Tory conference and back on the rails, but how to explain using this pic to illustrate that journey?


Explanation: Boris can be quite clumsy

(shock, isn't it?)


Looks like a simple mistake to me.

"City Hall have yet to confess to the mistake"

Except that Boris actually confessed to it earlier this morning, and posted the correct pic.