Cry Freedom!

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Cry Freedom!

Boris defends himself
Some people are never happy. At the Tory conference this morning, the chair of pro-smoking lobby group Forest took Boris to task for one of his keynote policies. "I'm a big fan of Boris Johnson, who's always said he's a libertarian," Simon Clark said. "But what does he do on his first day? He bans drinking on the tube!"

Some libertarian. And it doesn't even work! "People aren't drinking on the tube," Clark went on. "They're getting on the tube drunk."

This, it should be noted, took place at a meeting of the sort of people who unironically use phrases like 'political correctness gone mad' ("The Freedom Zone"), and also included an MEP sounding off about travellers ("We're not allowed to call

them gypsies any more"). So it's unlikely to represent the mainstream of Tory thinking.

But still, it makes a change to see Boris attacked from the right.

Last Updated 05 October 2009