An Unlikely Terror Hotspot: Selhurst Park

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 111 months ago
An Unlikely Terror Hotspot: Selhurst Park

Holmesdale Road stand by Sascha Drenth
Them mean old terrorists are getting everywhere, it seems: Crystal Palace's home ground of Selhurst Park in Croydon has been included in a list of 100 "terror hotspots" across London, meaning that police have the right to stop and search anybody inside or outside the stadium.

Earlier in the year the Met ended its policy of designating the whole of London under the jurisdiction of Section 44, the notorious stop-and-search clause from the Terrorism Act 2000. They instead drew up a list of 100 locations considered particularly at risk from terrorism, at which Section 44 would apply: major football grounds such as Emirates and Stamford Bridge were included, along with shopping centres, tourists attractions and transport hubs. Alongside Buck Palace and King's Cross, the inclusion of Palace's small, dreary ground, with a listless crowd whose main experience of terror comes from the balls heartily shanked into the stand by club-footed full-backs (oh, and kung-fu kicking Frenchmen, of course), is a little baffling.

That said, away fans who've stuck out a turgid 90 minutes at Selhurst's dilapidated Arthur Wait stand are entitled to ask: if a bomb went off in the ground, would anybody be able to tell the difference?

Last Updated 19 October 2009