WSOP Europe @ Leicester Square

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WSOP Europe @ Leicester Square

WSOPE-logo_white_background.jpg For those who would rather have fish-hooks in their pocket than sailboats, something exciting will be happening in Leicester Square over the next few weeks. The World Series of Poker Europe tournament kicks off at the Casino at the Empire on Thursday and runs until October 1st. Possibly the 2nd if they manage to break last year's record of taking 21 hours to decide the winner of the final table.

Entrance is free (for spectators - competitors have to stump up a hefty buy-in or win a seat online), and while watching people play cards might not sound like a wild night out, the event does offer the chance to see what an "estimated £1,000,000" prize looks like (you'd think they'd count it first), and watch the emotional rollercoaster as people win and lose more money than is sensible as they try to get their hands on a coveted, and tastefully understated, WSOP bracelet. Celebrity appearances from Shane Warne, Boris Becker and Danielle Lloyd should liven things up too, especially since Warnie hasn't been able to give up his text addiction since taking up poker . We can only hope the casino doesn't have too many broom cupboards to distract Becker.

The World Series of Poker Europe is on at the Casino at the Empire, Leicester Square until October 1st. Spectator entrance is free, but restricted to those aged 18 and over.

Last Updated 15 September 2009