The Horses of London Have Now Been Blessed! [Horseman's Sunday]

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The Horses of London Have Now Been Blessed! [Horseman's Sunday]

Yesterday afternoon, young and old gathered to a quiet corner of London to witness the Blessing of the Horses at St. John's, Hyde Park. Reverend Stephen Mason recounted the history of this 'ancient' tradition and referenced a passive from Job regarding the respect our horses deserve. Now to all those naysayers out there who like to point out that Horseman's Sunday has only officially occurred for 42 years, the Reverend reminded us that the blessing of animals is an old military custom.

After avidly trying to steal sugar cubes from riders' pockets attentively listening to the service, the horses marched around Hyde Park Crescent and were then individually blessed. Sadly, there didn't seem to be as many horses this time 'round as there were last year. Perhaps these modern horses are losing the faith?

Last Updated 21 September 2009