STYLEist: LFW Vauxhall Fashion Scout Menswear

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STYLEist: LFW Vauxhall Fashion Scout Menswear

Our final report from the fashion frontline at Vauxhall Fashion Scout last week which ended with Menswear Day.

Menswear at London Fashion Week normally features further down the pecking order to womenswear designers. Unfortunately as an unwarranted result of this, it sparks less attention and smaller crowds. However, collections by designer’s Komakino and Satyenkumar at Vauxhall Fashion Scout did not disappoint in terms of quirkiness, forward thinking and exquisite tailoring. Both London based designers, Satyenkumar’s collection stood out in terms of eccentric English playboy style, which consisted of tailored casual wear that looked effortlessly chic. Komakino’s display followed along the lines of previous masculine monochrome collections accessible and appealing to any London man.The stand out and most impressive moment was definitely the gargantuan red rubber lips showcasing at the Theatre de la Mode presentation, which added a bit of humour and fun to the whole event - a quintessentially London fashion trademark!

Photography by Suke Driver. Words by Adelia Harris.

Last Updated 29 September 2009