Save Water, Shower Shorter

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Save Water, Shower Shorter

secretshowers.jpg If you want to help reduce CO2 emissions and save money on your gas bill, cut your shower short. Research by the Energy Saving Trust estimates, "Londoners could save around £18M per year and 110,000 tonnes of CO2 filling Wembley Stadium 14 times, if everyone reduced their shower time by one minute". So folks, no more dallying under the hot stream, double soaping, singing into the showerhead or trimming your pubes. In, out, shake it all about will do as long as you wash those sneaky crevices. The shortening your shower message comes to promote a a new water and energy advice partnership project from Energy Saving Trust and Waterwise. (Image / secretlondon123)

Last Updated 17 September 2009


Good post - made me laugh, but the sentiment is actually valid! I LOVE a long hot bath, but even i'm trying to cut down on those in place of a quickie shower!


Way ahead of them... I'm in and out of the shower in 30 seconds, half that time if it's the 5am wake-up cold shower. Washing hair can push shower time up to 45 seconds if I'm particularly slothful.


you can also get one of those things for free to limit the amount of water that can go through the pipe.


I pay for my water and my gas thanks very much and will shower for as long as I jolly well please, which is very long indeed.

$18 million a year if we cut one minute? That means (assuming all 7,500,000 of us shower daily) that each minute costs me 0.8p - the best value fun I think you can have.