Said Adrus, Suspended Belief @ Balfron Tower

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Last Updated 20 September 2009

Said Adrus, Suspended Belief @ Balfron Tower


Said Adrus has spent the past 3 months in residence on the 21st floor of the iconic Balfron Tower courtesy of Bow Arts Trust. How he's managed to produce anything, rather than being totally distracted by the most amazing views across London, mystifies us. Descending into the empty 2 bedroom flat we were immediately drawn to the view across to Docklands from downtrodden Poplar and all the way out to the Dartford Crossing the other side.

Said has been having "ideas in the air" and you can see where his inspiration comes from. There are numerous sketches of Canary Wharf interspersed with explorations of his own life story and migrant experience. These culminate in a one room installation, the floor inscribed with a flowing calligraphic border. Ordinary objects are supported by rihaals, more usually seen supporting the Koran. The flat itself is worth the trip to experience being in this compact box, 21 floors up. With walls painted vibrant colours and a balcony to lust after, this is a rare glimpse into one man's experience and to the more general life inside Balfron Tower

Check out Said Adrus: Residency (and the views) in Balfron Tower today between 1-4pm. Go to 123 Balfron Tower (21st floor), St Leonard's Road, London E14.

Image by Dean Nicholas