London Blend: Dose Espresso

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London Blend: Dose Espresso


Snug lil Dose Espresso (69 Long Lane, EC1A 9EJ), situated on the south side of Smithfield Market on the outer edge of the City of London, is high on our list of destinations for a robust shot of flavourful and potent caffeinated gorgeousness.

Not just some bog standard coffee shop, Dose Espresso is an owner-operated artisanal espresso bar with a manifesto of a list of ethical policies which includes responsible sourcing (Fairtrade is Dose’s minimum standard), using only organic milk from British farms and “treating everyone with respect, from the coffee farmer to the dairy farmer to the barista to the City analysts getting their morning dose.” Nice. See the Dose website for all six points of this caring café’s ethical policies. Dose’s owner-operator, James, has a stated aspiration “to create the most beautiful coffee” in the City of London. The dude takes his coffee very seriously. Such thoughtfulness and ambition can only result in a quality finished product that’s well worth raving about. Imagine: a delicious cup of coffee made by somebody who actually gives a damn. Revolutionary.

Obviously, Dose offers a full range of coffee drinks, but the espresso is highlyrecommended - especially if you’re going there for your first time. It’s the best way to give your palette a true sense of how much consideration James and crew put into each cup. After your shot of wonderous espresso, branch out and discover your favourite - flat white, Gibraltar, macchiato … you name it. With a range of goodies from cake shop, Bea’s of Bloomsbury (where the coffee isn’t too shabby either), as well as sandwiches and plenty of other tasty treats, an a.m. pit stop or lunchtime excursion to this centre of coffee making excellence is a no brainer.

Photography by Chris Osburn

Last Updated 28 September 2009