Is It A Bird? No, It's A Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Rachel Holdsworth
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Is It A Bird? No, It's A Hummingbird Hawk Moth


Is this astonishing creature the first immigrant the Daily Mail has been pleased to see? It's a hummingbird hawk-moth from Africa; they're about two inches long and hover above plants while drinking nectar, much like their avian namesake. The moths have been around in the UK for years, migrating to London and the South during the summer, but during 2009 sightings have shot up from less than 500 to almost 1,200. It's expected that, as the climate warms, they'll be able to survive our winters. If you've seen one of these stunning beasties, let Butterfly Conservation know. (Beautiful image by coltfan909 under a Creative Commons licence)

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I was in the Dordogne a while back and me and my friends managed to convince ourselves that these were actual hummingbirds. They're very cool.


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have other pictures also


i seen one in my front yard

ava rose brown

i just saw one my mom and step dad did not no what it was so i went and looked it up and i found out it was a hummingbird hawk moth so that is what it is.


I just saw a Hummingbird Hawk Moth at my Petunias this morning

J Baker

I saw one in Georgia yesterday

J Baker


Good photograph. Just like the one gathering nectar in our field of Phlox flowers.

Marjorie Napier

Saw one of these beauties at my Dad's house, sipping from a lilac, in Harlan, County, Kentucky yesterday.